Federico Pepe

Ableton Certified Trainer, Music Technologists, Creative Coder, Educator

Musicians have to play the instruments that best reflect the times we're in, play the technology that will give you what you want to hear. All these purists are walking around talking about how electrical instruments will ruin music. Bad music is what will ruin music, not the instruments the musicians choose to play. I don't see nothing wrong with electrical instrumens as long as you get great musicians who will play them right.

Miles Davis

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Some of the things I'm involved with

  • 🎧 Verona Ableton User Group
    The Ableton User Group Verona is for those who are interested in making, learning and sharing music with like-minded people. We usually meet once a month.
  • 🤖 codiceinutile
    A collective of artists and coders to create a creative coding community in Italy.
  • 🎨 Nice Color Palettes for Processing
    A JSON of the top color palettes on ColourLovers.com for Processing.
  • 📊 Give Them Credit
    A data visualization project to give credit to all those people involved in the creation of beautiful music albums.